Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally
Our Missions at a Glance
Inter-Cultural DialogueTalent DiscoveryAssisting US Aids in AcademiaSupporting the Development in AfricaDiscovering Emerging Universities
The Mission
The Institute's primary mission is to assist US scholars to gain the international potentials, which are usually neglected. We try to act as intermediate to handle official matters to provide a risk-free opportunity for US academics to plan their collaborations with peace of mind.
New Job Opportunities
The Institute is now assisting several universities for hiring academic staff. Check your account for alerts of new jobs.

We build appropriate atmosphere in the host universities for international staff.
NIAS Press: Publish a Book with Excellent Benefits
Following the Institute's mission for the advancement of science, we aim to provide new opportunities for authors and readers. Without a financial interest, the NIAS Press pays almost all of the book financial revenue directly to the authors, and attempt to reduce the final price of books to satisfy potential readers.
NIAS Press accepts book proposals in all branches of science & technology. If you have any idea to contribute, NIAS Press is your home.
Let Us Build a Better World
Our main theme is to think out of the box to discover new opportunities in the world of art and science. The US potentials can be expanded by smart matching with international potentials. This is far beyond classical collaboration, but looking at issues from a modern perspective. 
Reform in the US Immigration
Immigration to the United States is indeed injection of fuels to the engines of development of the country, and even the entire world due to the pioneering role of the United States. The current system is not smart enough to attract the most talented individuals. Running joint projects can be an opportunity to pave the way for smart immigration.
Save the Money of Taxpayers
The economic recession taught us that we must be more careful in spending federal funds to build a more secure future for the United States. There are different ways to reduce the cost of research projects supported by federal funds, but the main focus of the NIAS is on human resource. Not only because of cost efficiency but also to have a wider access to human resource, the NIAS is working on international collaborations.
A World of New Potentials
The world is now more connected, but these does not mean that we are actually using the intellectual potentials globally. It is the time to re-thick about it, as classical migration of minds and skills is not enough for our challenging time.
Academic Programs and Workshops
Emerging fields and techniques has reduced the comprehensiveness of classical academic programs. To empower people with new skills and tools, it is necessary to run short-term academic programs and practical workshops to introduce new opportunity that people can practically use in their everyday life and work.
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