Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

About the Institute

National Institute of Arts & Sciences is a non-profit organization for proposing new strategic plans for the US science policy. The main theme of the Institute is to address what is lacking in the US-international connections. The general idea is to initiate collaborations based outside the United States for mutual benefits. For this purpose, we attempt to support the host institutes for creating a better infrastructure for collaboration.

Our partnerships aim to address mutual needs of the United States and host countries as:

Lots of young talented people come to the United States for finding a better future in their careers. This is based on a traditional strategy, which is not efficient today, in which immigrants look for any possibility throughout the United State and the US immigration system grants permission to the most qualified applicants based on the immigration capacity. However, this old-fashion system has no smart strategy to be beneficial either parties.
We believe that initiating a US-supported project in the host countries can provide a better opportunities for both the immigration system to select the most qualified applicants and the applicants who can adapt themselves with the US working systems in the stress-free environment of their home country. In addition, this collaboration provide a good opportunity for the host country to develop their potentials.

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