Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally


The primarily mission of the Institute is to provide new opportunities for the advancement of arts & sciences in the United States, but this is conducted through a smart system for helping the advancement of arts & sciences in other countries, as the undergoing partnership will help the United States in return.

In general, the Institutes initiates to collaborate with other countries to expand the US projects throughout the world. Thus, more people in their home countries can work on the US project.

The secondary mission of the Institute is to discover potential immigrants to empower the United States. The current immigration system just estimate potentials of an applicants for his/her future in the US labor market  however, through the smart system, we believe in, we can discover the exceptional talented people who have already showed their potentials in a US project.
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Our vision is to build a better future in the realms of arts & sciences both nationally and globall...
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