Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

Instruction for JU Collaboration

Here is a brief description of the form fields. There are further details for each section.

This form enables us to reduce number of email communications, better match interests, track collaborations, and have reference in administrative discussions. In addition, senior managers regularly check profiles for initiatives and funding new projects.

If you are not logged in, you need to follow the personalized link emailed to you. However, if you are logged in, the form is accessible HERE

1. Personal Information:
Obviously a complete is desirable. You can also upload PDF version of your resume/CV.

2. Areas of Interest:
You can provide a list of your projects and research interests. By selecting the disciplines you are interested to collaborate with, we can link you with the appropriate department and people. In addition, we are running some special programs in Jimma University. If you are interested in one of them, please let us know.

3. Visit Jimma University:
If you are interested to personally visit Jimma University for exploring potentials for collaborations, give us a tentative date. You will receive an official invitation and the international office will arrange your visit. We pick you up at Addis Ababa airport, and fully host you during your visit, but unfortunately, we cannot cover airfares.

4. Visiting Professor:
If you are interested to stay for one year at Jimma University as a visiting professor, we can offer international-scale salary. On the other hand, let us know if you can host visiting professors from Jimma University. We are interested in non-salary positions too; but please describe how visiting professors can get involved in academic activities at your university/department/group.

5. Guest Chair:
This is a honorary positions without salary for better official connection of universities and departments.

6. Research Professor:
Appointment of virtual visiting professors enables academics to have access to more funding bodies. Using affiliation with a host university, they submit research proposals, and upon success, they fully conduct the research project in the host university.

7. Supervising Students Remotely:
Having more than one supervisor/adviser is always beneficial for graduate students, and make it international would move it to a higher level. This can be conducted with two models: the remote professor is just an adviser and irregularly comment on the project progress, or the remote professor is primarily taking the responsibility to lead the student. We support both models for our students and professors.

8. Referring Thesis:
This is like refereeing for scholarly journals. To guarantee high quality of our graduate thesis, we would like to examine them by external referees. On the other side, our distinguished professors are interested to serve as external referees for theses presented in other universities.

9. Join NIAS Programs:
The Institute is expanding its activities, thus, we need advising support of academics. This just for advising on general policy (planning projects). NIAS Press also have different boards of editors to main the high standard of publication.

10. Testimonial:
We use testimonials of our collaborators for  catalogs of the programs. If you have already initiated your collaboration, please provide us your feedback. If you have not yet started any collaboration, please give us feedback about the idea and strategy.

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