Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

Guest Chairs/Professors

Although, academic collaborations build connection of academics with different departments, sometimes it is more helpful to have guest chairs for a better official linkage. In addition, the guest chair/professors can be alternatively treated as adjunct professors for providing a better support for the department.

The purpose of guest chairs/professors is to enhance institutional linkage, and no financial interest is involved.

Jimma University is ready to offer a limited number of guest chair position to outstanding international professors in various academic disciplines. The process is straightforward with minimized bureaucracy.

If you are interested to offer a guest chair in your university, we would be happy to introduce our best professors to use this linkage for further academic collaborations.

Terms of Guest Chairs/Professors

❎ Guest chairs/professors are without financial interest and salary, though the host university may offer salary or stipend based on running programs and projects.
❎ Host university normally offer official space for the guest chairs/professors for his/her visits.
❎ Upon request of the host university, guest chairs/professors may establish a research group to conduct research or supervise graduate students.
❎ Guest chairs/professors may attempt to secure funding for creating a research group in the host university.
❎ Guest chairs/professors can effectively supervise graduate students of host university remotely.
❎ Guest chairs/professors may act as adjunct professors to teach temporary courses upon request of the department head.
❎ Guest chairs/professors may submit proposal to local funding agencies. Upon approval, the research will be fully conducted in the host university.

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