Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally


Every university needs to establish new departments and units, but dealing with initiatives is never easy. Jimma University is one of the world's fast growing universities, and thus our expansion is accompanied by numerous initiatives.

Based on our unique experiences of challenging with initiative, we have potentials to assist other universities in initiating similar programs.

On the other hand, we still need international experiences for our new programs.

The initiatives conducted under supervising of the NIAS programs:

Department of Materials Science & Engineering: A national role-model for research -oriented departments with a start-up budge of USD 10 million. With a focus on nanomaterials, the department is becoming a leading one in the continent, and soon in the world.

School of Art: A challenging initiative to introduce art programs, which were not popular in the country with least national experience.

Neuroscience: An interdisciplinary department to focus on cutting-edge research with a wide range of opportunities provided by the new hospital, which is the most advanced one in the entire country.

Earth Science: Another adventurous initiative due to the critical role of natural resources in the life of local people.

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