Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

Institutional Agreements (MoU)

Institutional agreement is always helpful in academia to provide an official framework for people of both parties to collaborate with the other party. This is indeed an official guide for academics to plan their academic collaborations.

Jimma University has already signed agreement with over 50 universities across the world (listed bellow). We are now negotiating with about 80 other universities for institutional agreements of mutual interest. If you are interested in signing MoU with Jimma University, we would be delighted to facilitate this process, as it can be the starting points for subsequent collaborations.

Cornell University, USA
Texas A&M University, USA
Rice University, USA
Oklahoma State University, USA
Texas Tech University, USA
Langston University, USA
Ghent University, Belgium
Rostock University, Germany
University of Antwerp, Belgium
McGill University, Canada
Brown University, USA
Copenhagen University, Denmark
North Carolina State University, USA
North Dakota University, USA
Kangwon National University, South Korea
Tarleton State University, USA
Nottingham University Hospital, UK
Menschen fur Menschen, Austria
University of Oslo, Norway
University of Bergen, Norway
Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
University of Hasselt, Belgium
Ludwing-Maxmillian University, Germany
Touro University California, USA
Tulane University, USA
African Virtual University, Kenya
Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Canada
Utrecht University, Netherlands
Wageningen University, Netherlands
College of Nursing, Netherlands
Zhongkai University, China
Moi University, Kenya
Nairobi University, Kenya
Shenyang Aerospace Engineering University, China
University of Nairobi, Kenya
Fujian Medical University, China
Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Ritz University of Public Health and Medical Sciences, Sudan
Flinders University, Australia
East Carolina University, USA
Nyenrode New Business School, Netherlands
Canadian Network for International Surgery, Canada
University of Hargessa, Somali
University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic
University of Rennes, France 
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