Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

JU Potentials and Needs

Although, an academic collaboration is about sharing knowledge between academics regardless of their countries or universities, we wish to vividly disclose our potentials and needs in general, though they may not apply to normal collaborations.

First of all, there are controversial views about Ethiopia. Some think Ethiopian universities are poor and primitive, and some think Ethiopia is an Arab country with rich oil reserves. Jimma University is a well-equipped university several large campuses. We are not rich, but we are not interested in your money too.

Our Potentials

✔ Jimma University ranked first by the Ministry of Education. This means that top students from 90 million population come to JU. In other words, this is the home of young talents.
✔ Ethiopia, and particularly Jimma zone has a unique nature with lots of undiscovered natural resources. Jimma city was the birthplace of coffee. Lots of new opportunities. 
✔ The country is under heavy development, and thus, there are lots of opportunities for commercial projects. In many cases, the serious lack of local experiences has provided golden opportunities for international contractors.
✔ In medicine, Ethiopia is the land of unknown without limiting regulations for clinical tests.
✔ The university is about to inaugurate the country\'s largest hospital.

Our Needs

✗ Several academic fields, and many research areas are quite new in the country. Thus, international experiences are desperately needed to properly develop them.
✗ Since there is no customer support by international companies, we have serious problem in maintenance of advanced research facilities.
✗ Due to the rapid growth of higher education in Ethiopia, there is a serious need for international connections to foster an ideal academic culture.

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