Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

Supervising Graduate Students Remotely

In spite of obvious advantages of close connection of supervisor/student, sometimes, it is quite interesting to have a wide range of choices for matching supervisors and students. In addition, it is exceptionally good for both universities to increase the diversity of their professors and students. Thus, we strongly support this model for supervising graduate students remotely.

We have two models for this purpose: (i) the remote supervisor just acts as the secondary advisors and irregularly advise on the project progress, or (ii) the supervisor directly lead the student, and a local professor acts as the secondary supervisor to handle official matters.

Supervising JU Students

Since Jimma University has master and PhD programs at almost all departments, we always appreciate a better diversity of supervisors/professors far beyond our current professors.

Supervising Your Students

If you wish your tudents have a primary or secondary supervisor from Jimma University, we would be delighted to introduce our outstanding professors to join your academic projects.

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