Developing Science Globally
Developing Science Globally

International Jobs

One of the main missions of the Institute is to facilitate transfer of technology, skills, and knowledge from the United States to the host countries of our partnerships. Therefore, we assist the host institute in search for highly qualified applicants from the United States. This process is a little bit more complicated than common search processes, as the applicants must be adaptable with a creative project in a different environment. As a matter of fact, most of jobs are somehow challenging and different from routine positions (although they may seem to be at first glance). Upon an appropriate adaption with the challenging role, this will be an exceptional experience for the applicants and their future careers.

On the other hand, we closely work with the host institutes to prepare a better environment for the prospective colleagues coming from the United States. Normally, such collaborations are not very successful due to possible misunderstanding, misleading, and misdirection resulting from differences in culture and expectations. 

The Institute aims to maximize the efficiency of this collaboration for both parties. The main obstacle in hiring international staff in most countries is inappropriate adaption of guest and host. Therefore, the Institute is not limited to hiring potential colleagues from the United States, but also help the host institute to create the essentials needs for enhancing this collaboration.
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